“The Salt March”


My poem “The Salt March” published in Writers Resist is my response to another poem. The internet age makes it possible to “interact” with other writers, to produce the equivalent of “call and response.” When I saw video and photos of protesters in wheel chairs being dragged from the halls of the U.S. Congress I was at first enraged. Then I read my poet friend Alan Catlin’s poem “Mixed Message: A History Lesson 2017”. I wrote and told him that the piece authentically demonstrates the poetry of bearing witness. I felt the need to provide a complementing piece, “The Salt March” is my contribution to the colloquy.

Author: Howard R. Debs

Howard R. Debs has devoting some 50 years to the world of advertising and marketing communications, this work resulting in 6 AANY Awards (Advertising Assoc. of New York), 2 PIA Awards (Printing Institute of America), and a Distinguished Achievement Award from the Educational Press Assoc. of America. He is a sometime musician, singer/songwriter, artist, photographer, writer and a poet at heart. He resides in South Florida with his wife of 48 years where they spend considerable time spoiling their four grandchildren.

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