“The Holocaust on Display”


Image from the Henryk Ross Collection, Art Gallery of Ontario, used with permission

In this era of fake news and tweets, with knowledge being devalued in many places, we need, more than ever, to rely on humanity’s history in all its truth, both the ugly and exemplary, to guide our decisions about what is happening around us, pointing where we might be headed.
My essay “The Holocaust on Display” published in Hevria is written to justify the arts confronting the Holocaust, as they can and should and focuses on the exhibit of the remarkable photos of Henryk Ross at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.  I hope I have shed some light on the subject. The essay includes my poem “Pictures Of The Lodz Ghetto” with an accompanying audio reading.


Author: Howard R. Debs

Howard R. Debs has devoting some 50 years to the world of advertising and marketing communications, this work resulting in 6 AANY Awards (Advertising Assoc. of New York), 2 PIA Awards (Printing Institute of America), and a Distinguished Achievement Award from the Educational Press Assoc. of America. He is a sometime musician, singer/songwriter, artist, photographer, writer and a poet at heart. He resides in South Florida with his wife of 48 years where they spend considerable time spoiling their four grandchildren.

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