What they’re saying . . .
“as always seems to be the case with your poems, I learned something in reading this that I hadn’t known about.” —Tim Green, Editor Rattle
“You really captured the essence of the blues in this poem. It made me want to run to my mother’s house and play the records she kept on the bookshelf in her living room”—Nortina Simmons, Editor Sediments Literary-Arts Journal
“a powerful lesson about the poetry of bearing witness.” — Greenwood Writer’s Guild
” ‘Terezin’ is terrific.” —Daniel Menaker, writer and editor, former Executive Editor-in-Chief, Random House
“I love how you incorporated pictures. . .I am visual and it made. . .already powerful work more emotional and raw. Bravo!” — Kristi B., a reader
“Very powerful stuff. I think it is really daring but necessary to do this kind of response to the most awful tragedy in well, human history probably.”— Alan Catlin, poet, Editor, Misfitmagazine, twenty time Pushcart Prize nominee
“Congratulations on all your work. It’s very impressive.” — Jakub Nowakowski, Director, Galicia Jewish Museum Kraków, Poland
“a very interesting and entertaining poem with a superb cadence”—Firestone Feinberg, Editor Verse-Virtual
“Your clear language and compassion deals with a struggle that most cannot voice. Wonderful job.”—Shelly Blankman, poet
“I found ‘The Watch in the Pawnshop’ so helpfully evocative of a time frame in New York City in the years just before I was born. Nicely done.”—James Keane, poet
“poignant”— John Lambremont, author of Dispelling The Indigo Dream, 2 other full length collections, and a Pushcart Prize nominee.
“There is so much to think about in your poem. I like your interesting style which is part of your unique voice.”—Karen O’Leary, Editor Whispers in the Wind
“Your poems, photos, commentary are all terrific, deeply affecting. Looking forward to reading more.”—Trish Saunders, Poet

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Pictured here, the author at Bowne & Co., 19th Century job printer’s shop, South Street Seaport, New York; pioneer printing concern founded in 1775

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